Habib Meftah - New album out

Habib Meftah - New album out
Out now! Shibaali by Habib Meftah
Available on all platforms!

Artist: Habib Meftah
Produced by: Habib Meftah / Babak Rezvani & Nicolas Lacoumette
Mixed by: Babak Rezvani
Mastered by : Soheil Saremi
Graphic art by: Mahdi Yousefi
Published by : unitedvoice.se

Thanks to : Zak Cammoun . Nicolas Bidet . Dionysiac Tour . Yaser Gharooni . Yanis Baybaud

shibaali is the sound of Habib meftahs diary. The conversations and lessons that paved his way from Bushehr to Paris. With a reference to folk music from south of Iran, this electro-acoustic album will take you on a journey of bringing traditional afro persian beats to a modern dance floor.