Venu tout droit de Pretoria, le duo Make Overs explore les confins du punk, du garage et de la noise. Une musique puissante, radicale, dont les échos rageurs résonnent déjà bien au-delà du détroit de Gibraltar : à son actif, plusieurs tournées aux USA et des centaines de concerts aux côtés d’artistes majeurs de la […]


Taking its name from Calle 33, a vital artery in the Teusaquillo district of Bogotá, Colombia, La-33’s orchestra defends the cause of salsa, which Colombia, digesting the New York and Cuban influence, has managed to make its own. La-33’s mambo version of ‘The Pink Panther’ has been heard around the world. Tirant son nom de […]


A violin, video-mapping and electronic music inspired by World and Bass Music. SAMIFATI is a project that gives pride of place to delicate melodies, epic violin arrangements, powerful bass and dreamy images. On stage, SAMIFATI from Nantes on the violin and Axel Vanlerberghe on the video-projection offer a journey at the crossroads of the senses […]


Camille and Colin Goellaën Duvivier are brothers. One plays the drums, the other the keyboard, both sing. Together they prove that you don’t need a guitar to play rock’n’roll. Having played in the band Smooth Motion, the two musicians play heavy psych, that hybrid music born at the end of the 1960s, when hard rock […]


A primal and visceral power with a protesting rage inhabits the one who pursues her path outside the straight lines. Melissmell’s voice is the voice of an artist in survival, who has experienced the street and the identity of the homeless. This is where her powerful yet vulnerable cry comes from, making her an artist […]


For more than twenty years now, Karpatt has been spreading his songs in the bars and halls of France, but also throughout the world. France, but also throughout the world. French song, gypsy jazz, rock, and now exploring South American rhythms, with rhythms, with little electro touches here and there, there are no borders in […]